What is the best metal lathe?

Are you looking for the best metal lathe for your business? Finding your perfect machine tool can be a difficult task. For this reason, at Makinak we bring you a list of recommendations so that choosing a metal lathe is easy and effective. But first, let’s see what exactly a lathe is and, more specifically, how lathes specialized in metal parts differ, so that, in addition to helping you in the choice, it also serves to understand why we should choose one model or another.

What is a lathe?

Lathes are machine tools intended for the mass production of metal, wood, ceramic or plastic parts. They are very precise and fast , offering businesses effectiveness and efficiency and improving production processes.

At Makinak we have a wide range of stock lathes in our catalogue. In addition, our experts can help you and advise you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

What is a metal lathe?

Metal lathes are those that have the characteristics to work pieces of steel, iron, brass or other types of resistant metal . If you work with pieces of these materials in your business and want to increase the production rate by reducing costs, they are the ideal option for you.

How do I choose the best metal lathe for my business?

At Makinak we bring you a list of tips that you can take into account when choosing the best metal lathe.

The type of lathe

There are industrial lathes intended for professional use and others more aimed at small businesses. The best metal lathe will be the one that best suits the general needs of your company and your objectives.

its potency

Another important feature when deciding which is the best metal lathe is its power, which should be greater or less depending on what you require its use for. If you need it for small or DIY jobs , a 450W power metal lathe will be ideal, on the other hand, it will increase considerably if you want to use it to manufacture larger metal parts or for large mass creation jobs .

The size of the piece you are going to work on

Depending on the part you want to work on, the lathe chuck , that is, the part of the machine tool responsible for holding the part so that it can be worked on, will have one size or another. This aspect is key to choosing the best metal lathe for you.

turning speed

Lathes have a part called a spindle . It is in charge of making the cuts in the piece to mold it and achieve the desired shape. Depending on the cleanliness of the cut you are looking for, the best metal lathe will be the one that allows you to adapt this spindle speed to your needs.

its dimensions

Before choosing a lathe, it is important that you check if you have enough space to place it in your business. Once these measurements have been confirmed, you should check the dimensions of the lathe model you are looking for. The best metal lathe will be the one that can adapt to your facilities perfectly.


On the Makinak website we make this choice easier. On the left side of our catalog you will find a series of filters that will allow you to adjust your search to the characteristics of the model you are looking for.

Immerse yourself in our catalog and compare between the models we have until you find the perfect one for you. Don’t wait any longer, the best metal lathe is in Makinak.


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