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We explain in a simple way how a 3D printer works

3D printers manage to build objects in an almost magical way for the human eye. His industry application has brought with it numerous benefits related to the profitability and construction time of the objects. But how does a 3D printer really work? At Makinak we want to explain it to you in the simplest way.

How does an FDM 3D printer work?

The 3D FDM printer is used in the industrial field. FDM (Fused Layout Modeling) technology enables create durable and resistant objects with great precision. It is used to create parts faster and cheaper than the traditional way.

They work in the following way: the printer melts a thread or filament of the chosen plastic material , deposits it on the base of the printer and, layer by layer, is forming the sought object. The process that the 3D FDM printer carries out until it reaches the final product is simpler than it may seem at first glance. It can be divided into 2 phases :

Product design

Before starting the printing of the product, a process must be followed :

    1. You have to design the product.. Through computer programs, the object is designed in a three dimensional .
    2. It is necessary to pass the part through a Slicer program , that is, a program that divides the object into layers to adjust it to the parameters of the printer.
    3. The printer is adjusted with the G Code. This numerical programming code is read by the printer to know what movements it must follow and at what speed it must do them to achieve the object that we have designed.
  • It’s time to print!

product printing

    1. The first step to start printing is to introduce the plastic filament. This is placed wound on a spool and fed into the printer through the extruder .
    2. The extruder pushes this filament until it reaches the hotend or melter. It is in this part where, thanks to the fact that the fuser heats up 180 degrees , the plastic melts and you can start building.
  • The molten filament exits through a nozzle and begins to deposit on the base of the printer.
    1. The printer has three axes on which the hotend moves in order to shape the object. Layer by layer, the plastic material is deposited until all the instructions marked by the G Code are completed .
  • Once all the scheduled movements have been completed, we already have the object we were looking for!

At Makinak we have in our catalog a wide range of second-hand Industrial or FDM 3D printers, k. m. 0 and new used brought from the stock of the main supplier companies in the sector. If you are looking to invest in the best technology for your business, do not hesitate to consult all the models on our website!


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