The different parts of a milling machine will determine the type of machine you need.

Parts of a milling machine: operation of its components

Having the best possible machinery is a priority for any business. In this sense, the quality of the milling machines is especially relevant .

These types of machines are used to cut small portions of a material by turning a drill at high speed . For this, there is the figure of a specialist who will be in charge of manipulating the tool until the desired result is achieved.

However, this technique requires a lot of knowledge, one of the most important being knowing what the parts of a milling machine are. At Makinak , as experts in different types of machines , we explain in this post what its different components consist of.


Parts of a milling machine:

When knowing the different parts of a milling machine, it is necessary to distinguish between:

  • The base : it is the element that is in contact with the ground and on which the machine rests .
  • The body : it is the device itself, it contains the rest of the parts of a milling machine .
  • The column : acts as a support for the sector in charge of making the cut .
  • The torpedo : joins the head (the part that is responsible for making the cut) with the column .

In order to correctly support the objects that are going to be cut , one of the parts of a milling machine to which more attention must be paid is the table (surface on which the material to work with is placed). In turn, the transverse carriage will be responsible for holding it and the bridge for marking the axis on which the object to be cut will move .

The parts of a milling machine that allow material to move are:

  • The support of the material.
  • The flywheel , which makes the pieces from which chips are to be extracted move in the different axes in horizontal (x), upright (and) and up and down (z).

Once everything is prepared, respecting the security measures and with the type of cut decided, the following parts of a milling machine will have to be handled:

  • The spindle : moves the drill vertically to achieve its ideal location .
  • The head : place where the strawberry is placed.
  • The crank : turning it moves the spindle .

Like practically all machines, milling machines need a series of electronic elements that allow their use, such as the on and off button , their CPU (it is in charge of processing all the actions) or the motor (the part that makes the drill turn). and make the cuts).

Controlling the parts of a milling machine will allow you to use these types of machines more efficiently and safely . In addition, its characteristics can be decisive when choosing a specific type of milling machine . For example, depending on the position of the spindle and the degree of mobility of the table , we can distinguish between vertical, horizontal and universal horizontal milling machines .

Find the best offer of first and second hand machinery in Makinak and get in touch with us so that we can advise you.


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