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Hydraulic press: uses and ranges by tons

The hydraulic press is a machine capable of generating a very high force and pressure from small forces. They are an excellent option if what you are looking for for your business is to reduce production time, reduce maintenance costs and, in addition, optimize the entire process of creating your products.

At Makinak we have in our catalog several models of second-hand and new hydraulic presses in stock. If you are thinking of getting one for your company, keep reading this article on our blog and we will explain what uses these machines have and how they can be adapted to your business.

What are the uses of hydraulic press?

There are many industries that use a hydraulic press to manufacture their products. Its versatility and precision makes it possible to achieve exceptional jobs, optimizing production and allowing work with parts that have more complex and deep shapes that, with other types of machines, are more difficult to reach.

Automotive sector

The hydraulic press can be used in this sector with two objectives:

  • Creation of car parts .
  • Crushed cars .

cosmetic industry

The pressure exerted by the hydraulic press is used to compact the powder that makes up cosmetic products such as eye shadows, blushes and other powder makeup products.


As in the cosmetic sector, in medicine the hydraulic press is applied to compact the powder of the ingredients of different medicines and form pills .

forging industry

There are hydraulic presses that can exert large tons of force. These types of machines are used in large industries to forge and trim materials in large-scale production processes.

food industry

Another use of the hydraulic press is the vacuum packaging of food products such as meat or cheese to improve their conservation.

mechanical sector

The hydraulic press is mainly used to assemble and mold metal parts for use in workshops or industries belonging to the mechanics sector.

Aeronautic sector

The parts used in this sector must be manufactured very precisely so that nothing fails when flying. The hydraulic press manages to assemble these parts and compress them so that everything works correctly.


Trabajador utilizando una prensa hidráulica



What type of hydraulic press is the most suitable for my business?

Depending on the tons of force they exert, we can classify hydraulic presses as follows:

  • 5 tons . They exert a force of 5 tons on any object. This type of hydraulic press is used to press and reduce high-density objects and manages to increase production capacity while reducing costs.
  • 6 tons . They are used to assemble and extract parts , allowing production time to be reduced considerably. Exerting a force of 6 tons, it can vertically compress various pieces that are generally difficult to work with.
  • 12 tons . They are the most used in workshops because they allow larger pieces to be assembled and compressed than previous presses, exerting 12 tons of force on them.
  • 30 tons . As the tons increase, more pieces can work. This type of hydraulic press is one of the most used in large industries . Its size and strength make it versatile and can be applied for all the uses seen above.
  • 50 tons. This type of press is the most used in companies dedicated to the manufacture of different devices such as household appliances . The amount of pressure that they reach allows to assemble the electrical parts that go inside these devices.
  • 100 tons . They are the best option for companies in which actions have to be carried out with very heavy pieces . They facilitate mass production in sectors such as automobiles and aeronautics.

In short, if you are thinking of adding a machine to your business that makes your work easier, reduces costs and improves the production time of your products, you should buy a hydraulic press . Their uses are very wide, they are adaptable to any self-respecting industry and they are an economical option. Do not miss the latest models in our catalog! You can see them all on our website.


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